ICS – International Christian School Hong Kong


Hello and welcome to ICS. Below is a basic overview that should help introduce some of the ICS technical applications available to you.  Before you read any further please take time now to review the terms and conditions.  A more comprehensive document can be found following this link ICS Computer Usage Policy


You should have been given a user name and network password by now, your login name will be your surname followed by the first letter of you first name. For example: smithj The systems administrator should provide you with an initial password.


Text Box: IMPORTANT: Please READ the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you choose to continue to login, that means you have accepted all the terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms may result in temporary or permanent loss of access to these systems and/or services.

ICS’s electronic mail (e-mail):- it is designated as a primary means for distributing critical information to the school community. The school assigned email account is intended for communication between individuals and clearly identified groups of interested individuals, not for mass distribution. Mass distribution is defined as sending an email to a group of school users, who have not otherwise indicated their desire to receive messages not directly related to their school position or academic studies. Mass distribution of messages is permissible only for school business. Mass distribution of other non-school business and non-school-sponsored activities may be considered "spamming" and a violation of the conditions for use of school assigned email. 

Logon ID:- This logon id will remain valid so long as the individual is associated with ICS. The proper use of a logon id is ultimately the responsibility of the individual under whose name it has been assigned. Therefore, guard your passwords and do not share your logon id. The use of another individual's logon id without his/her expressed consent will be viewed as the stealing of ICS resources and as computer fraud. 

To change your ICS password, you must be on the ICS network, press and hold Ctrl Alt Del on your keyboard. There will be an option to change password, you will have to enter your old password (This will be the password you want to change, NOT the one you want to change too) you will be asked to enter your new password twice. Once this password has changed it will be your new Email password as well.


For your own security reasons your password should be something you can remember, it should have at least 6 characters and you should consider putting at least one numeric digit in your password. For example your password could be something like “Ye110wBr1ck”


Remember to log off your PC when you leave, especially if you are logged on to a public PC that other people may use.


ICS Email


You can access your email account by following this link http://mail.ics.edu.hk or typing the link in the Internet explorer address bar.


In the Email address field enter your login name then enter your password in the password field, the password will be the same as your network password, and click the sign on button. Your main email screen (Inbox) should now be displayed with all your messages. To read your email, click on the subject line of the message. To return to your inbox use the navigation bar on the right hand side of the screen. You can find more information on setting up and customizing your email using the online help function.


ICS Intranet


To access the ICS intranet follow this link http://School.ics.edu.hk. The intranet will give you valuable information you will need to know including student attendance, library resources and the school calendars well as an online learning management system.


To access the intranet enter your login name in login ID field. The password is NOT the same as your network and email password to start with, However you can adjust any personal settings, including your password by clicking on the “my account” button up on the top right of the intranet home screen then clicking on the profile button (the one that looks like an ID card).


You are able to create and publish weekly newsletters for the parents to read using the group info area under school info icon on the homepage. There is more information and a series of help slides in the IT E-class


There is also an online class room that will introduce and help you with some of ICS information technology applications. Open the intranet and select my eClass from the classes drop down list then click on IT resources to enter the class room.


The online help, found on the main homepage will also assist you in any problems that you may encounter


Personal folder


Your own personal folder will be created under your login name and will be available. On M:\Campus\Faculty\username “campus” is which area you work (elementary/Secondary/Central admin) and username is your login identity. You can store any files you wish here; it is your own private directory.


You can access and change the contents of your folder remotely using the FTP service.

In Your Internet explorer address bar type the following FTP locations

For elementary ftp://es.ics.edu.hk

For secondary ftp://files.ics.edu.hk

For Kindergarten ftp://kg.ics.edu.hk

For Central Admin ftp://ca.ics.edu.hk

For Curriculum folder ftp://files.ics.edu.hk


Personal homepages


If you choose too, you can create your own personal homepage.  You can see the list of staff’s homepages by visiting the following link http://homepages.ics.edu.hk/faculty/default.htm


You can also access your homepage remotely using the below link


ICS Internet


The ICS Internet page is located at www.ics.edu.hk this is a public website that aims to present an informative picture portraying the values of International Christian School.


For any technical difficulties that the online help doesn’t answer please email staffsupport@ics.edu.hk.